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8 foods that help promote hair growth


Strong and healthy hair is one of the wishes that people want ever .your hair grows from the root around half an inch per month (1.25 cm) and six inches (15 cm) per year. this level of growth is depending on many factors: genetics, age, hormones, diet and more.

even those factors are Non-interchangeable, but your food is something you can control to improve your hair’s appearance. In fact, your rich nutrition can effectively influence the thickness, the growth and how much your hair is shiny.

here is the best food in order to increase the growth of healthy and strong hair.


1. Eggs: Protein and vitamin B called Biotin are the most important nutrients that your hair needs to make his own protein which is called keratin. this two nutrients are found in eggs , it’s also a source of zinc and selenium and according to little scientific evidence there are many other foods that contain biotin: meat, fish, nuts …

2. Berries: Vitamin C with his antioxidant properties can protect your hair from harmful free radicals which exist naturally in our body and our environment. fortunately, berries are a rich source of vitamin c which the body use to produce collagen in order to prevent breaking of hair

3. Spinach: One of the most healthy green vegetables that contain many nutrients and minerals that can prevent hair loss is spinach. it contains folate, iron, vitamin A and C which is essential for hair growth

4. Sweet Potatoes: Our body converts the beta-carotene contained in sweet potatoes into vitamin A, which is known that it’s good for hair’s health by improving the production of sebum.

5. Meat: The proteins contained in meat is very good for hair follicles by repairing and strengthen them. In particular, red meat is very rich in iron that’s so easy to absorb so a very fast result.

6. Sweet Peppers: Sweet peppers are rich in vitamin c, in fact one yellow pepper contain vitamin C more than one orange. It protects hair from oxidative stress

7. Oysters: The major mineral found in oysters is zinc .taking too much zinc can cause hair loss so eating food rich in zinc like oysters is better than taking a supplement because food can control the doses.

8. Beans: Beans like oysters are very rich in zinc which increase hair growth and repair cycle .it contains biotin, folate, and iron so it helps  


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