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Foods You Should Not Eat After Age 30


Of course, we all have noticed that certain foods trouble us more than they used, but we don’t know the real reason. actually, those foods become progressively less tolerated by our bodies so we should but we must stop them before the age of 30.
Here are 10 types of foods we should never eat after the age of 30:

11-flavored yogurt:
Flavored yogurt contains a big quantity of sugar which young people need to make collagen to keep good skin. but after the age of 30, it doesn’t work anymore, you will just gain more weight.

10- canned soup:
Salt is a killer to our bodies; and canned soup is really rich with salt with sodium, around 40% of salt in each meal .and this food can cause obesity, and infertility.

9-Breakfast pastries:
When we grow up, our bodies can not deal with sugar pies and pastries

Especially made in the microwave which is made usually with coconut oil or soya. And those oils can become fatty acids.

7-white bread:
Which can become fats and stocked in our bodies if they are not burned correctly .that’s why experts of food advise preventing white bread when we grow up especially for persons who follow a diet in order to lose weight .so replace it with brown bread.

It’s recommended to prevent drinks rich in caffeine because of it the reason for more stress, anxiety, and trouble of sleep cycle, actually, the body after the age of 30 becomes more sensible for caffeine.

5-Fruits juices:
Adults think that juices have a great benefit for our bodies, but it’s drawn the body from fibers in addition to the huge quantity of sugar added.

4-Store bought baked goods :
Home-baked goodies are so much better than those bought from stores, you can enjoy with it fresh just after its cooking without chemical materials contained in preservatives

3- Soft drinks:
Soft drinks are rich with sugar and it contains dyes that cause ca-ncer, so we should prevent it as well we can.

2- Milk:
Milk is very benefit but it is very acidic and our bodies can not deal with it after age of 30 as we were young so if you can’t stop it just reduce the quantity consumed.

1- farmed fish:
Most fish are a benefit but farmed one is full of chemical materials and bacteria, and toxic materials are hard to be eliminated after the age of 30

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