8 Healthy Habits To Keep To Protect Your Teeth


Do you want to keep your teeth healthy and safe longer? It is not difficult if it starts at an early stage, and with simple daily habits. Here are eight healthy habits to keep your teeth healthy and safe:

1- Use floss and mouthwash:

In the event that you are not the ones who brush their teeth properly and are limited to using only the brush and putty, then surely this will not help you to reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease.
Your use of floss and mouthwash in addition to the appropriate brush and putty is the best way to ensure that the way you care for your teeth is correct. Watch the video on how to use the mouthwash!
Make sure to use a special mouthwash alongside the daily dental cleaning process at least twice a day, to ensure the cleaning process reaches 100% of the oral cavity. In this way, you protect yourself from oral and dental problems and fight gum infections and bad breath, and studies have shown that using lye reduces plaque buildup by 52% more than using only a dental and flossing brush.

2- Using a soft toothbrush:

It is usually advised to use a small brush with soft bristles moistened with water and to stay away from the types of dry hard toothbrushes that may cause enamel erosion over time and gingival gums, which may make your teeth weak and yellowish.

3- Reduce your snacks, and eat healthy snacks:

If you eat 3 meals a day make sure they are low in carbohydrates and simple sugars that may harm your teeth.
Try to avoid as much as possible eating a large number of snacks and snacks during the day, especially high in sugar and unhealthy, such as juices and soft drinks.

4- Avoid smoking:

Smoking is a bad habit that affects all parts of your body, but it may be one of the most harmful and damaging habits of your teeth and gums. Smoking reduces blood flow to your mouth, which may increase your chances of developing gum disease. It also caused the discoloration of the teeth and yellowing, and the occurrence of bad breath. Not only that, but if you are receiving dental treatment or have had oral surgery, smoking may slow the healing process. Read also about.

5- Visiting the dentist regularly

People may be afraid to visit the dentist, for fear of pain or injections that may accompany this visit, but if you want to protect yourself with this suffering, you and your children should be used to repeat this visit regularly.

6- Eat gum

We may encourage you to usually chew gum between a period and a period at least once a day, and here we mean sugar-free gum, which may enhance the process of salivation in the mouth, and reduce its dryness, which may increase the possibility of germs multiplying in the mouth.
In addition, the results of a recent Japanese study showed that chewing gum may increase alertness by 10%, by improving blood flow to the brain, in addition to its role in cleaning teeth, food residues and neutralizing acids.

7- Use the straw (sucker).

Of course, we do not advise you to drink any soft drinks or that contain soda that may harm your teeth, but here we will give you another important advice, which is to use straw (sucker) when eating any of the sour drinks or that may be harmful to your teeth, such as citrus drinks or Sweetened juices. This will reduce the chances of enamel erosion due to acid, or tooth decay due to sugars.

8- Change the toothbrush constantly

Periodically changing the toothbrush is important in order to maintain oral and dental health in general. The toothbrush must be changed every 3 months since after this period it becomes ineffective and contaminated.

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