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7 healthy and delicious sweets that you can prepare at home


Just because you eat healthy food does not mean that you have to bid farewell to sweets. There is a wide range of healthy sweets that will not only harm your diet but will add some nutritional value to it. Healthy desserts on the following list are not only delicious, but they are also perfect for you if you follow a specific diet!

1- Banana with peanut butter and chocolate:
It is the perfect afternoon snack and a healthy way to satisfy your desire to eat sweets without gaining weight. Place a slice of banana on top of the peanut butter, then freeze it in the refrigerator until it sticks, then put the banana pieces in the melted chocolate, one after the other, until it is covered with chocolate and frozen for two hours.

2- Strawberry covered with chocolate:
Everyone loves chocolate-covered fruits, especially strawberries. This dessert is very easy to prepare. Put the whole strawberry pieces in the melted dark chocolate and then eat it immediately or you can put it in the fridge until the chocolate sticks a little.

3- Black Forest Split with Banana:
Ricotta cheese is used in this recipe here because the light flavor and low salt content make it ideal for sweet dishes. What the dish needs are to cut a banana in half and cover it with ricotta cheese and sprinkle a little cocoa powder to give a distinct flavor to the dish.

4- Frozen strawberry ice cream:
By using strawberry puree, some lemon juice, coconut milk, vanilla extract, and white honey, you will be able to make this frozen ice cream that keeps you fresh especially in the summer and satisfies your hair by eating different and delicious sweets.

5- Parfit fruit and granola:
Whether you use fresh or frozen fruits, make sure that this dessert is perfect and you will never be satisfied with it. Besides fruits, this dessert depends on preparing layers of Greek yogurt, granola, and fruits so that the bite of them is rich in delicious and healthy flavors.

6- Grilled fruits with honey:
Grilling the fruit gives the natural sugar inside a caramel-like taste and is a very easy way to get a sweet and healthy dessert. You can add some honey to give it a rich rich flavor as it adds a great nutritional value to the dish because it contains many vitamins and minerals.

7- Frozen fruits:
This dessert plate is perfect for hot weather, fresh, easy to make, and a great end to any lunch or dinner. The possibilities are endless as you can have a different flavor every night, all summer.

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