How to make a vegetarian hamburger

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Vegetarian hamburger:
Hamburger is a fast-food world spread, loved by young people and children, its origin is the city of Hamburg in Germany and then moved to the United States of America, and then to all parts of the world. Volume 0% Hamburger is usually prepared from beef slices, or chicken meat, with various sauces and cheeses, and until we find a safe alternative to the high caloric intake in one hamburger, and until there is no deprivation from eating it, you can prepare a delicious vegetable hamburger in a style A healthy fit for vegetarians, those who follow the diet programs, and the Christian brothers in fasting time as it is an ideal meal for them, by preparing a delicious, fast-prepared vegetarian hamburger, in this article I will present to you the ways of making a vegan hamburger.

Prepare a vegetarian hamburger:
plug a cup of mushrooms.
Finely chopped onion.
A quarter cup of corn oil.
A horse of garlic.
A teaspoon of oregano.
A teaspoon of black pepper.
A small spoon of salt.
A cup of canned red beans.
Egg whites.
A quarter cup of parsley.
A cup of oatmeal.
Slices of low-fat sliced cheese.

How to prepare:
Heat the oil over low heat and add onion and crushed garlic, and sauté it until it is slightly wilted.
Add the sliced mushrooms to large slices, and mix the ingredients together until they take a golden color.
We put a pinch of salt and black pepper, you can add hot paprika as desired, and oregano and stir well, leave the ingredients on the gas for five minutes until done completely.
Let the mixture of mushrooms and onions cool slightly, then put it in the mixer bowl and put on top: parsley, red beans, a cup of oatmeal, egg white, and then mix the ingredients on medium speed, until we have a soft dough.
We sprinkle a little oatmeal on the table, and form the dough with hands in the form of circles, then put it on the oatmeal until it sticks more.
We put the vegetable hamburger in the fridge for an hour, until it sticks and takes its final shape.
Heat a portion of vegetable oil, preferably corn oil, and transfer the vegetable hamburger to it until it has a reddish and delicious color.
We prepare hamburger bread made with whole wheat flour, put a layer of lettuce, tomato slices, and then hamburger, and a piece of low-fat slice cheese, and mustard or ketchup can be placed on the bread as an appetizing sauce.

Vegetarian Hamburger With Vegetables:
Soft Cup Bulgur.
A shredded carrot.
Half a cup of chopped green onions.
Seed in the middle of a pepper cut into squares.
A quarter cup of green parsley.
A quarter cup of green coriander.
an egg.
Two tablespoons of flour.
Cup boiled chickpeas.
Half a cup of chickpea flour.
A small spoon of salt.
Teaspoon ground cumin.
A teaspoon of chili pepper crushed.

How to prepare :
heat warm water and soak it in the soft bulgur for a quarter of an hour.
In the food processor, put: carrots, green onions, parsley, coriander, boiled chickpeas, and turkey, and mix them until smooth and smooth mixture.
Now add the chickpea flour, and fine bulgur marinated to the previous ingredients, with spices: salt, cumin, crushed chili and mix again until we have a firm dough. Sprinkle a little chickpea flour on a flat surface and form the dough in circles according to the desired size.
We put the vegetable hamburger pieces in the fridge until they hold for about an hour.
Heat the grill, sprinkle it with a little oil, and grill the veggie hamburger.
We make hamburgers by cutting brown bread, stuffed with lettuce paper, and tomatoes, and a low-fat cheese slice, with the hamburger pieces that we attended, served with mustard.

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