Methods of making potatoes for diet

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Potatoes are vegetables that contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, and they are characterized by a variety of methods of preparation; they can be prepared by grilling, frying, or boiling them, with the possibility of adding many vegetables, meat, or chicken with them, and those who follow a diet usually want By eating potatoes due to the deliciousness of their taste, they are afraid of gaining weight, and there are several ways to prepare potatoes in a way that suits the dieters, and in this article, we will introduce you to the methods of making potatoes for diet.

Methods of making potatoes for diet:

Grilled potatoes:
2 tablets of potatoes.
One and a half liters of water.
Black pepper to taste.
A sprinkle of olive oil.
Salt, to taste.
Powder of red pepper, to taste.

How to prepare:
Clean the potatoes, then cut them into small slices. Boil cut potatoes in water over medium heat, and leave them for two hours until they are completely done. Drain the potatoes from the water, put them in a tray, then pour oil over them, sprinkle them with black pepper, put them in the oven at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, and leave them until browned.

Grilled Wedges Potato:
kg of unpeeled potatoes.
Sweet pepper, to taste.
A quarter of a tablespoon of salt. A quarter of a tablespoon of oregano.
Four teaspoons of vegetable oil.

How to prepare:
Slice the potatoes in thin slices, put them in a large container over the gas, cover them with water, and leave them to boil. We raise the potatoes, filter them, then add them in a Tefal tray, and season them with a group of spices, such as sweet pepper, salt, oregano, and oil. Put it in the oven, and leave it until it becomes brown.

Meat fries for the diet :
Half a kilogram of minced meat, cut into fat.
Four grains of peeled potatoes.
Two onions.
Two heads of green pepper.
Two tomatoes. Four cups of water.
Six teaspoons of tomato paste.
Two hundred grams of tomato sauce.
Half a tablespoon of salt.
Half a tablespoon of oregano.
A quarter of a tablespoon of sweet pepper.
A spray of vegetable oil.

How to prepare:
Grease a Tefal tray with a little oil, then brush the meat, then put it in the tray.
We put the tray in the oven, grill it for about ten minutes before we turn it over, then put it back in the oven again, and leave it for ten minutes again.
Peel the onions, slice them, and explain the tomatoes, capsicum, and potatoes, then put them in the tray.
Pour water over it, add pasta, and tomato sauce, and put it in the oven until done.

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