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If You Eat Onions Every Day, This Will Happen To Your body

Onion belongs to the non-starchy vegetable family, it is characterized by its aromatic and strong aroma, in addition to its sour taste which varies from sweet to moderate and may reach sharp and spicy taste.

Onions have several sizes, shapes, and different colors, where there are white, yellow, and red onions. Onions are also distinguished by abundance and cultivation in almost all parts of the world and all seasons, which made it the third most consumed vegetable in the UK & Irland.

Onions are one of the most consumed vegetables over the world because almost experts say that onions have the ability to be an effective treatment for many diseases such as diabetics, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol, and many other illnesses. It can also help you to have healthy skin, long hair, and strong immunity.

Speaking of the nutritional value of onions, it is low in calories and carbohydrates while it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

So if you aspire to get a strong body without disease, Just keep reading, you will be surprised by what I will tell you about the benefits of onions, that some of you will probably hear for the first time in your life so do not waste this valuable opportunity from your hands, especially the Benefit N7 & N8.


1- Maintains heart health:

It is known that any diet rich in vegetables maintains a healthy body in general and heart health in particular, according to WebMD, so studies have shown that eating onions protects against cardiovascular diseases as it contains antioxidants that in turn strengthen the heart muscle. Also, experiments conducted on some animals, their results showed that onions are able to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body and triglycerides, which are the main cause of heart disease, so you can eat your favorite low fat ice cream and take some slices of onions to reduce the level of the cholesterol in your blood .in addition, onions are considered as an effective heart defibrillator, so if you want to protect your heart and keep away from a heart transplant surgery you should eat a good quantity of onions every day.

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2- Keeps your bones healthy:

Onion nutrients for bone health, As a result of studies conducted on animals after eating onions, onions help to strengthen the bones even more than milk and its derivatives because bones absorb vitamin contained in onions, and thus it protects the person from the risk of osteoporosis with age and it also protects women from hip fracture, which often occurs for women after the menopause.

3- Boosts immunity:

Eating onions, especially on a daily basis, means eating antibacterial and antiviral viruses, where onions are rich in antioxidants that protect the body from various external aggressions surrounding us, which enhances the immune system and makes the body resistant to most diseases caused by daily food.

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4- Benefits skin and hair:

Onions stimulate blood circulation and thus deliver oxygen to all parts of the body, including hair follicles, which increases the length and prevents continuous shedding, and onions also contain an anti-oxidant enzyme called “catalase” which works to prevent graying from occurring early. Studies have proven that onions moisturize the scalp and thus prevent drying out.

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5-Treatment of hemorrhoids:

Onions have been known as a folk remedy for hemorrhoids, or as it is known as alternative medicine, as it gives positive results, especially in the early stages of the disease. Onion cleanses the affected area and works to reduce irritation and treat thrombosed external hemorrhoid which reduces pain and helps to get rid of blood clots that accompany hemorrhoids in that region.

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6- S.x enhancement:

Studies have shown that onions have amazing abilities to increase s.x power among married couples, especially for men, until they call it the miracle plant because they found a beneficial result as the onion works to protect against s.x diseases because of its important elements.

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7-Promote liver health:

the best supplement for liver health, Eating onions works to enhance the health of the liver and improve its vital functions by fighting free radicals that attack the liver and cause damage to its tissues.

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8- Blood sugar control:

Doctors and experts advise consuming quantities of onions every day that may reach 100 grams, low blood sugar without diabetes, where studies have shown that eating onions per day has caused hypoglycemia treatment without diabetes significantly by patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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9- Treating tonsillitis:

Tonsillitis is one of the most common diseases in children, but many studies have shown that onions have proven their worth in treating this type of inflammation, as two do not differ on the anti-inflammatory properties present in the onion, which in turn works to treat tonsillitis or at least reduce pain Which deprives many of their sleep and may lead to serious complications if not treated early and correctly. Onion juice with a little honey is enough to get rid of this disease and enjoy a pure throat without pain, that’s why it’s considered as a mild tonsillitis treatment.

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10- Promotes sleep and mood:

Depression is caused by the accumulation of a substance known as homocysteine, because of it, blood and nutrients do not reach the brain, and as a result of this accumulation less secretion of Serotonin and dopamine, but onions contain folate, which prevents the accumulation of this substance and thus improves mood and sleep, Cleanliness and avoids depression.

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