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Recipe Croissants

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Children need to diversify in sweets and baked goods, as they often do not want to eat meals and prefer what is sweet or desirable in shape, so every mother tries to find different ways to prepare useful and nutritious meals such as croissants. Croissants are delicious baked pancakes that can be filled with various fillings that are also prepared easily and do not forget that croissants are among the light snacks that can be eaten between meals, or as a light and quick breakfast with a cup of milk, and today we will remind you of my lady various ways to prepare delicious and distinctive croissants.

Light Croissant:
two and a half cups of flour, add the first cup, and if the dough stays moist and sticky, add half of the remaining cup.
Four tablespoons of dry milk.
Three-quarters of a cup of warm water.
Half a tablespoon of salt. Three-quarters of a teaspoon of instant yeast.
tow a big spoon of sugar.
A cup of grated cheese.
an egg.
A quarter cup of butter.

Method of preparation:
Sift the flour into a deep bowl of the glass, then add the salt, sugar, and instant yeast, and mix them together until the ingredients are mixed.
We add the egg to the dry ingredients where we make a hole in the middle, then mix it with the flour gently, then add the rest of the materials gradually with the continuous kneading with the hand, taking into account that the direction of mixing with the hands of the clock until we get a smooth and homogeneous dough to leave the dough aside for an hour until it relaxes and ferment Well, then cut it into small balls.
We thin the balls on a solid surface in a triangular shape, then we stuff them with grated cheese, where we put them in the middle of the dough, and we close and wrap them in the form of a croissant; We put the croissants into the pre-heated oven at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius and leave it until red for a period not exceeding a third of an hour.
After removing the croissants, we apply them with melted butter.

Croissant with cheese:
made up of:
eight cups of flour.
A cup of butter.
Four tablespoons of sugar.
Six tablespoons of powdered milk.
Two cups of warm water for kneading.
One teaspoon of salt.
Egg, to apply the face.
Sesame decoration.
One and a half tablespoon of dry yeast.
Three cups of cheese, that is, we prefer cheese.

Preparation method :
We put all dry ingredients together and knead with melted butter and water until soft dough becomes and then oiled, then left for brewing for an hour.
We cut and cut croissants dough in triangles and stuffed with grated cheese, then wrapped each triangle separately.
We put the triangles in a tray greased with a little oil and sprinkled with a little flour so that the croissants do not stick, grease each piece with eggs and sprinkle with sesame.
We put the croissants in the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C, and leave it until red for twenty minutes.

Chocolate Croissants :
Four cups of flour.
A cup of butter.
Half a cup of sugar.
A cup of warm milk.
Two eggs.
Half a cup of crushed chocolate.
Two small spoons and a quarter of yeast.
A small spoon of salt.

How to prepare :
We put the butter in the bowl then add sugar and water and mix the ingredients together, then put the flour and yeast then eggs and salt, and stir the mixture until it becomes a coherent dough, and leave the dough in a warm place until it ferments for an hour of time until it doubles in size.
We form a croissant dough and stuff it with chocolate.
Brush the croissant with the egg yolk, then put it in the oven at 175 ° C until the face becomes red.

Milk can be added to the dough to become softer, or powdered milk can be used in place of liquid milk.
The flour must be well underestimated because when air enters the air between its atoms, it increases its inflation when baking.
Croissants can be left without filling and then stuffed as desired after taking them out of the oven.

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