11 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cleaner Than It Is


Everyone wants to have a clean house full of refreshment, which reflects the positive spirit of the owners of the house, but deep cleaning of the house does not require just a long time, but it also requires a lot of effort to get the satisfactory result that you wish for and wishes your guests to notice it.

So, if you are suffering from this problem and do not find the time to clean your house as it should or suffer from health conditions that do not allow this, you should only continue reading and I promise you that you will wish you knew these tricks before, you will really be surprised.

1- Introduce Live Plants or Flowers:

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One of the most tricks that people do not know or do with intent or unintentionally is to place plants or flower bouquets in the room where you want to feel the change or that they are fairly clean, where plants and flowers give a very sophisticated view and comfort to the eye as most magazines use this trick When conducting photo sessions. It also gives the ambiance of the room in which it is placed a pleasant and fragrant scent, so it is advised to put it as a kind of change exactly as the owners of large companies do. All you have to do is…

purchase a plant of the kind you like and you will be surprised by the positive comments that your guests will overwhelm you with.

2- Corral Your Countertop Clutter:

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The kitchen and bathroom are one of the most messy places in the house because they are the most used and if we want to cleanliness them we will not finish it but fortunately, there is a very simple trick but its incredible result is to put the boxes like spices or others in a small tray that brings them together which gives an organized and non-messy view, Even in the bathroom, you can use a cheap tray to collect shampoo bottles, liquid soaps, and so on, which helps you avoid being scattered here and there.

3- Make Your Home Smell Clean:

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We all know that maintaining the cleanliness of the entire house is difficult and requires a terrible effort, but there is a simple trick that allows at least to keep the house smell beautiful and is to use automatic home fresheners where whenever you feel the annoyance of arranging the house you can turn it on or shortly before the attendance of the guests where this is enough to It gives the impression that your house is very clean, tidy and upscale, and it is preferable to use perfumery flavored with lemon or eucalyptus because it is strong and lasts.

4- Switch Out Your Bathmat: 

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We previously said that the bathroom is one of the most dirty and messy places, because of its frequent use, but a small trick may spare you the trouble of hard cleaning work, which is to replace bathroom rugs from time to time as they eat and get dirty, which gives a disgusting and dirty view even if the bathroom is clean so it is preferable to replace it Each time, it is also advised to buy it from the subtle type in order to give a sophisticated look

5- Make Your Bed (Yes, Every Morning): 

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It is one of the simplest tricks that I mentioned to you so far, where arranging your bed every morning takes only five minutes of your time, but its effectiveness is terrible, as there is nothing better than returning to your home exhaustively and finding your bed.

This will give you terrible psychological comfort and suggest to you that your home is all clean and tidy. So five minutes every morning is usually sufficient to give you an orderly lifestyle.

6-Style Your Couch:

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The living room is the most places that we want to look clean and tidy and in the most beautiful shape so that even if it is free of dust and completely clean it will look untidy if the sofa is not arranged and the pillows are scattered on the floor and everywhere and vice versa, even if it is not completely clean Until the look of the sofa is arranged, it will give the impression that it is very clean and classy so you only need to choose your sofa and pillows carefully in terms of quality and color consistency. You should also take care of arranging them in the right places throughout the time enough to dazzle your guests.

7-Conceal the Clutter:

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One of the tricks that can help you get a tidy house without the trouble of deep cleaning is to use baskets to collect all the needs and things that remain scattered over the ground where you can put one in the children’s room to collect children’s toys, and you can put one in the bathroom to collect towels or dirty clothes And, in addition to one in the living room, to collect blankets and hide them from view so that you have always collected what you need close to you without the clutter in the place.

8- Bathroom cleaning:

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The bathroom is one of the places that gives an impression about the cleanliness of your home in general, even if you have a cleaner living room that does not mean anything in front of a dirty bathroom, so you should make sure to clean it before anyone comes with a slight smear on the bathroom mirror, this is enough to make your bathroom appear clean and reflect Your high-profile and responsible personality.

9- Dust wisely:

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It is very important to wipe the dust very carefully, especially in large surfaces visible to the eye, such as television, computers, heating panels, and other surfaces, where dust accumulation indicates your negligence in house cleanliness, even if it is clean it will appear terrible dirty.

10-Do something with the dishes:

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The view of dirty and stacked dishes is the most things that give the impression that your house is completely dirty and perhaps guests will think that you are lazy if they see it, so if you have a dishwasher, it is preferable to arrange the dishes in them or it is enough that you arrange them according to their size to show more organization only that does not allow anyone to see them Your guests where you can hide the dirty dishes in the oven until the guests leave and then wash them.

11- Run over the floors:

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One of the tricks that helps you to make your house look clean in critical times is to wipe the floor quickly as it affects the house’s incredibly terrible cleanliness. It is sufficient to bring some wet kitchen rolls and wipe them and see the result.

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