7 Foods You’d Better Avoid Before 10 AM to Keep Your Body Fit


“Morning breakfast” is an issue that has always caused widespread controversy between experts and specialists in nutrition and body health in general, where some of them say that the morning breakfast is necessary and indispensable for the beginning of your day with vigor and vitality to help you perform your daily tasks well and well. Others find that giving the morning breakfast this huge amount of attention is useless because many people start their day without eating the breakfast, but they do not show signs of fatigue or humiliation during the day. From here, we can conclude that the dilemma is not whether to eat morning breakfast or not, but rather it lies in the type of food we eat in the morning and how it benefits or harms our bodies.

We have always known that eating food gives a person the energy necessary to perform his daily functions, but few know that there are foods that doctors advise to avoid eating as much as possible in the morning. Do you have an idea about these foods?

I will introduce to you these foods and they will amaze you so if you want to have a healthy body just keep reading and you’ll be surprised.

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7- Buttered toast:

Many people really believe in the importance of morning breakfast, but they believe that healthy breakfast is fat-free breakfast and this is what is common in most societies, although the reality is completely opposite, healthcare administration has proven that healthy breakfast should not necessarily be a non-fat meal, it should contain all types of nutrients, even those that are rich in fats, for example, we mention the “butter” that many people adore, especially when it is painted on toast, but This study showed that the best butter that can be eaten in the morning is peanut butter as it enriches the body with vitamins and makes it secrete a substance called peptide that gives us a feeling of satiety And energy throughout The day without fear of fat complications such as heart disease, unlike regular butter.

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6- Small flakes and breakfast cereals:

Who among us does not know the cereal flakes and did not like it since he was young, but recent studies have proven that most popular breakfast cereals contain a large amount of sugars, which are often formed in the form of fat in the abdomen and this is what no one wants, but for good Luck, there is an alternative where you can dispense with corn flex chips and replace them with oat flakes, which are considered one of the richest foods in terms of fiber and vitamins. They also contain a small percentage of sugar and work to give you that morning feeling of vitality and avoid that midmorning tired feeling.in addition to the feeling of satiety that keeps you from eating meals. Extra between main meals.

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5- Pancakes and waffles to go:

It is true that eating frozen and ready-to-eat pies sold in stores is quick
It is useful for people who do not find time to make it at home, but it is not completely beneficial to the health of the body as it contains a large amount of carbohydrates and a small amount of fiber, which can make you feel hungrier after a short time after eating the morning breakfast and thus the morning breakfast becomes useless.
As an alternative to these ready-made pancakes, it is sufficient only to prepare a significant amount of homemade pies and store them in the refrigerator and use them when needed, as it is preferred to prepare them with carefully selected flour to obtain larger nutrients.

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4- Low-fat yogurt:

We often see what is called a low-fat yogurt on the market, and we see a large turnout for it for the purpose of eating it in the morning breakfast, but few know that recent studies have proven that this yogurt, although it seems beneficial, is not so, but you will certainly be surprised, but this is the truth, unfortunately, where Low-fat yogurt often contains large amounts of sugar, and it is known that sugar gives a fast feeling of satiety, and then after a short time, hunger returns with a feeling of fatigue.
So, as an alternative to low-fat yogurt, it is preferable to eat sugar-free yogurt, which actually helps to lose weight.

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3- Grab the fruit juice and go:

Fruit juice is as essential as the morning breakfast, and this is common to most societies, but this is very wrong, as eating fluids in the morning breakfast reduces chewing, which makes you feel complete satiety, and the juices are completely free of fiber, as it was disposed of at afternoon. And therefore I have lost an essential and essential nutrient for an active and energetic morning.
So if you want to benefit from your morning breakfast, it is best to avoid juices even if they are 100 percent natural, and it is advisable to replace them with fresh fruits and eat them whole.

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2- Carbohydrates:

Many foods, such as apples, pears, beans, and others, on a significant amount of fermented monosaccharides called carbohydrates, studies and research have shown that people are sensitive to the direction of these foods as eating them is not harmful, but eating them in the morning is what leads to more Its fermentation in the stomach and indigestion, and thus leads to the common problem among people, which is flatulence. So it is preferable to eat it at other times of the day instead of in the morning breakfast or at least eat it in a small amount with foods rich in protein or fat for the purpose of facilitating digestion.

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1- Coffee:

Coffee is the main ingredient for every morning breakfast, so some societies are satisfied with it like morning breakfast with a little biscuit or toast. Of course, no one denies the ability of coffee to give you a dose of vigor and vitality throughout the day in addition to the morning enjoyment of its taste, it starts to clamp with a clear mind without Tension, but experts advise eating it after eating a full morning breakfast of protein, vitamins and all the nutrients, as it is known that coffee inhibits appetite and gives a feeling of fullness, thus depriving you of your complete morning breakfast.

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