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The Awesome Health Benefits Of Berries


If you still wonder about any foods that can contain all nutrients and the benefits that the body needs, so the answer is here, it’s berries.
berries contain antioxidants known as the anthocyanins, and that in turn working to activate the brain and stimulate it to work in spite of the progress in the age. some other types of berries contain ellagic acid that helps to fight cancer and to get rid of malignant cells. known for berries that it helps digestion process by adjusting the digestive system, thanks to the fiber contained in. If you still suspect that the berries do not contain all these benefits،I will show you to this 5 benefits of berries on the body, because berries are good for the whole body of bone to the muscle and even for the skin

1-full antioxidants:

We have already mentioned that the berries are rich in antioxidants that occur sensation these days, where recent studies confirmed that antioxidants work on the fight against free radicals in the excess body’ s need and that it may damage cells. It is also discovered that antioxidants in the berries are working on the elimination of bacteria and viruses that enter the body. In another study, experts have shown that antioxidants in the berries help relieve oxidative stress. whether it was Raspberry, blueberries or Blackberry, the all that contains the highest proportion of antioxidants, so if you suffer from a lack of antioxidants or find difficult to add it to your diet, you have to only Go to the nearest shop and buy a handful of berries and it is sufficient to show the benefits on your body.

2- Cancer Preventi:

Recent studies have revealed that all kinds of berries contain compounds that give to berries this beautiful colour can a miracle in the field of Medicine and treatment because according to the same study , those compounds can fight malignant cells that make up the cancer , so experts expect that we can use those compounds to figure out a new treatment for cancer and even prevent it .since many years, Department of research and the competent in the cancers seemed to conduct animal experiments in the detective on the possibility of use of any kind of berries in the manufacture of treatment of Cancer be an alternative chemotherapy and already showed experiences good results pay scientists to initiate clinical trials on the rights. Is this reason may convince you in eating berries or at least be included in your diet.

3-Lowered Risk Of Heart Disease:

It’s said that the berries are a friend of heart and that because it works on the protection of different diseases. where several studies confirmed that all kinds of berries contribute to promote metabolism and reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. It also reduces the possibility of heart disease with the people who suffer from obesity and metabolic syndrome. A study from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom and the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States have shown that eating 3 servings of berries per week can have the miraculous effect to prevent all kinds of heart disease because it’s discovered that berries low lipoprotein-density which is a big preventer from heart problems.

4- Helps Control Blood Sugarm:

What ever was your favorite kind of berries, it’s sure that eating an amount of berries will provide you with all nutrients that your body needs such as antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, K and manganese and more …..
Not only that, according to many recent studies berries can regulate the level of blood sugar by increasing insulin secretion and as a result, but the compounds found in berries will also improve the sensitivity of insulin and the Response of the body to high-carbohydrate meals
The most amazing is that those effects of berries do not concern only diabetics but everyone includes berries in his diet so we can say that berries are a good preventer of the high level of blood sugar and Diabetes.

5- Improves Memory:

In addition to the numerous benefits of berries, you can’t imagine that berries can improve the brain’s work because we have already said that berries contain many beneficial compounds that fight free radicals that in turn attack the brain’s cells. According to a study conducted by the United States Agricultural Research Service confirmed that eating berries don’t just protect the brain but it increase the born of new cells in the hippocampus because hippocampus is the only part of brain that renewal their neurons .so if you want to improve your brain and your memory you need just an equivalent of a cup of berries every day during a whole month and you will be surprised by the result.

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