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What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Diet Soda?

A lot of people know that regular soda is harmful to our body a lot because it contains sugars and high calories that increase our weight and cause us serious diseases and major health problems that may even reach death, for this the so-called diet soda has been invented and circulated among people Mainly on the basis that it is healthy, free of sugars and calories, and helps in losing weight, then it is a good alternative to regular soda.

The problem here is that people do not know the truth of diet soda, as it is true that it is low in sugar, but it contains chemicals saturated with sugars that cause diseases more dangerous than ordinary sugar hundreds of times like Aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin (a derivative of tar), acesulfame-k or sucralose. Today I will present to you 10 of the most important reasons that will make you stop drinking diet soda Forever, and you won’t even think about it, you will really be surprised by these reasons, especially  5th  and 9th.

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1- Your body is not known to be synthetic:

As we mentioned previously, diet soda is true that it does not contain sugars but is rich in alternative chemicals to sugar, so once we drink diet soda our bodies start to deal with these substances on the basis that they are sugars, they do not know that they are artificial. According to health, the body once you enter these Synthetic sugars begin with the secretion of insulin, which is known to work on storing excess sugars in the blood in the form of fat in the muscles and thus leads to excessive obesity. According to many studies conducted on diet soda, 70% have increased their weight rapidly in the waist area. Is this the drink that is considered to be a diet drink?

2-  It is bad for blood vessels:

According to studies conducted by LiveScience about diet soda, all doctors have confirmed that it is more dangerous than regular soda and even causes diseases related to the heart and blood vessels as a result of the accumulation of artificial sugars in it in addition to obesity, which is known to be the cause of many diseases.


3- We do not know the long-term effects:

In the same article LiveScience, one of the scientists specializing in epidemiology touched on the idea that we consumed a diet soda and soft drinks, in general, may not appear to have a short-term effect. If you took a cup of diet soda today, you will not gain weight tomorrow, but the danger lies in Eating them constantly leads to the accumulation of artificial sugars and causes serious diseases that develop gradually without feeling them until suddenly appears when it is too late

4- Diet soda linked to depression:

According to studies carried out by the Nutrition Authority, more than 30 “of people who eat diet soda have had more writing than those who consumed regular soda, which is a dangerous number that causes concern because the soda’s harmful diet is not only restricted to obesity but also causes severe psychological problems.


5- Diabetes has been linked:

According to studies conducted on more than a quarter of a million people and compiled by Health in her article, people who consumed one cup of diet soda had a 36% greater risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome than others, in addition to the risk of developing high blood pressure and strokes.

6- You will lose your sense of taste:

According to the Prevention, the artificial sugars found in diet soda like aspartame are 200 times sweeter than ordinary sugar, and other artificial sugars may reach 600 times more sweetness. The significance of this topic is that the high sweetness level of these sugars may destroy the sense of taste in Your tongue is saturated with sweet taste, which may cause you to lose other tastes


7- It can cause kidney problems:

Recent studies conducted on a large group of women have shown that diet soda works to directly impair kidney function, as Clark confirmed that most women who consume diet soda on a daily basis have kidney problems that may reach kidney failure        

8- Aspartame has been linked to a headache:

  Many studies were conducted on this topic, and in the end, it was discovered that there was a link between drinking diet soda and a headache, and that was confirmed by Health. According to prevention, the components of diet soda alter the receptors in the brain, causing headaches.


9- Increases the risk of premature birth:

Studies conducted by the Nutrition Authority on more than 60,000 women in Denmark confirmed that eating diet soda during pregnancy daily may increase the probability of premature birth by 38% than other women.

10- You will destroy your smile:

Health has collected studies on the effect of diet soda intake on the state of the teeth. Surprisingly, the studies confirmed that the citric acid in soda has the same effect as cocaine, as it works to sabotage the tooth enamel, so isn’t this the time to stop eating soda?

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