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The 11 Best Body Care Tips Make Woman Over 40 look younger

As all, we know our bodies are full of bacteria, microbes, and even fungi, which are so important for the immune system because they fight bad microbes that damage our skin, digestive system, and all the body in general. So to improve the growth of those good microbes we need to know some tips that help us to be healthier than at any time before. In this article, we are going to present to you about eleven magical tips that certainly will surprise you especially the 4th and 9th.

11-Korean facial beauty tip:

This tip is one of the most bizarre tips you have ever seen, it’s from Korean culture. All you need is a sink full of really cold water and after you finish applying your make up just involves your head on this cold water for 15-30 seconds. This method doesn’t fix your make up in its place for a long time but also it gives you a matte appearance and radiant skin.

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10-roll-on deodorant to a mosquito bite:

We have all felt the uncomfortable feeling of being bitten by a mosquito, and it’s really bad when it’s on the night while we are sleeping. So this amazing tip can give you the solution to this problem, all you need is to roll-on a deodorant on your skin where you have been bitten. You’ll be surprised because the pain will disappear in a few moments later. However, this technique does not prevent you from being bitten it just reduces the uncomfortable feeling of the mystique bite.

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9-Get rid of foot odor with a vinegar:

Many people suffer from bad foot odor, and it’s really annoying problem .so if you are one of those people here you are the solution to get rid of this bad odor .all you need is a part of vinegar and 2 parts of water, mix them well and soak your feet with this solution once per day or per week, it depends to the level of the odor .the vinegar solution helps you to eliminate bacteria and fungi on your feet especially on hot weather and summer days. But if you have an open sore on your feet, it will be better that you don’t use this tip.

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8-baking soda and water exfoliator for self-tanning mistakes:

If you wish to have a safe self-tanning made at home, it’s is easy because we have the solution. You have to mix the baking soda and a quantity of water until you get a paste. After that, you have to put this paste on the area you want to lighten and do a circular movement. This method can give you a great result without any irritation of the skin, it helps you to remove the surface and dead cells.

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7-non-oily, non-sticky flaxseed hair moisturizer, and gel:

Sometimes, whatever we do to have a healthy hair we fail it stays look tired .but you are so lucky because we have the solution for this problem, you need to boil a quantity of seeds in water about 10 minutes .after that you start separating the seeds from the gel, if it’s too thick no matter just put some hot water to the pan. You can use this gel anytime you want and take a shower, you’ll be just surprised by the result, it’s really amazing .you’ll enjoy healthy, strong and shiny hair because seeds are rich in vitamins especially vitamin B and omega 3.

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6-drinking fresh ginger tea after exercising:

We all want to do sport and exercises but we don’t like the feeling of soreness while waking up tomorrow. So be happy you will not feel it anymore after trying this tip. All you need to do is drinking ginger tea after exercising because it’s rich in anti-inflammatory qualities that help your muscles to get rid of the pain. You can drink 2-3 cups of ginger tea and enjoy its benefits.

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5-Whiten your nails by using natural oregano essential oil:

It’s really annoying to have a yellow nail especially for women, and the most common cause is bacterial infections. So to combat those batteries all you need is to apply oregano oil twice per day one in the morning and once again in the evening and you will be surprised by the result.

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4-Add coconut oil to your morning coffee:

This tip may surprise you because it’s really easy but so bizarre. It consists on adding one teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee morning in order to have full energy from the beginning of the day and to balance your blood sugar level.

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3-Consume more nutrients with freshly frozen fruit and veggies:

According to a recent study, frozen fruit and veggies are more beneficial than fresh fruits and veggies because according to the same study the nutrients found in frozen fruits are locked, unlike fresh ones.

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2-using these everyday household objects for a body massage:

You can use a tennis ball to increase the work of your muscles, for example, you can place it in the arch of your feet as you can place it in your chest or your back against a wall in order to reduce pain.

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1-Apply lotion to your back with our DIY tip:

You can use fresh paint roller in order to apply your body cream and distribute it well .like that you can reach the middle of your back you need just to apply your own cream on the roller and spread it across your shoulder.

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