Top 10 Methods To Get Rid Of Body Hair Permanently


On the nature of our bodies, we have some hair and often we want to remove it because it’s annoying.

We have already watched adds that confirmed we can remove the body hair definitively without any pain, but it’s really impossible because the hair body grows up frequently. However, there are many methods that can help you to get rid of hair for weeks or even months.

How fast does hair grow?

It’s known that the male hair tends to grow faster than female one thanks to hormones .so the hair body can get its full length in a month or more on average, that’s according to a study done by the American Academy of Dermatology.
Many other factors can affect the level of hair growth such as genetics, nutrition, or medications but in general, as you get older as the growth of hair slow down.

What are your options for removal?

Shaving is the most popular method that people use to get rid of the hair body for example nose hair removel, but it removes just the hair just from the surface; that’s why it grows so fast. there is also the technique of Tweezing that removes the hair from the root which helps to slow down its growth but even that doesn’t slow down its growth for a long time.

So It’s time to think about real effective solutions that remove the hair from the root and get rid of him for an endless time.

In this article, we will show you a variety of removal hair ways with their benefits and even their side effects, so if you are interested just keep reading. You may be very happy with the results you will see on the next page, especially N3 and N4 laser removel

10- Laser hair removal:

laser hair removal brooklyn, As like electrolysis, this hair removal treatment consists of hair follicle destroying in order to stop the growth of new hair . all we need is a high heat of lasers.
according to the mayo clinic, we can use this method anywhere we want except around the eye. it’s more effective on people who have light skins with dark hair. that as electrolysis laser hair removal needs many sessions to have the best results.
usually, irritation and redness are the most common side effects of laser removel but it can go over pigment changes.

9- Electrolysis:

This method must be done by a dermatologist or a professional electrologist. it’s really simple, it consists of applying a shortwave radio frequency directly on your hair follicle in order to destroy it to doesn’t grow a new hair. This method is a very helpful solution according to herbal essences bio renew.
Electrolysis can be used on any area on your body and can be effective for all types of skin.
The most common side effect is pain and reddishness from skin irritation.
You may don’t believe this but electrolysis is experienced on Jennifer lopez hair.
Electrolysis cost face typically around $30 to $200 per session.

8- Prescription creams:

Some people are scared of the idea of electrolysis or laser hair removal because of the feeling of pain, so in this case, you can ask your own dermatologist to prescript some creams in order to help you with hair removal.
The famous cream, in this case, is the eflornithine called also Vaniqa . all you need is to apply this cream twice a day for a month and you can enjoy the result. this cream work on stopping enzymes that increase hair growth.
According to a study done by Aveda damage remedy, eflornithine can give you a good result along with eight weeks or more according to the conditions of your style life.
This type of treatment is applied on the face and it’s more effective on women’s skin.

7- Professional tweezing and waxing:

In order to remove the hair in small areas of your body, you need to apply tweezing or waxing. this method consists of removing the hair from the root that’s why it takes over eight weeks to grow.
According to venus face perfection, professional tweezing can be applied anywhere on the body, however, professional waxing can’t be applied on some places such as the genitals, nipples, and ears, you can’t also use it on chapped or burned areas.
Mild rashes and irritation are the most known side effects of both professional tweezing and waxing.

6- Chemical depilation:

In the hair body, there is a protein called keratin, the cream used in chemical depilation consists of weakening this protein in order to make easy it’s falling out.
The result can go to two weeks at maximum because the depilation doesn’t destroy the follicle of the hair so it can stimulate the growth of new hair.
Braun silk expert pro ipl confirmed that every type of cream is special for one area such as face skin, body skin, and pubic area. It also advises people to use the cream on a small area in order to try it because the most common side effects of depilation are chemical burns and blisters.

5- Get rid of hair with thread:

It’s an old Indian method consist of using a thread made of cotton. all you need is to rotate it and pass it on the area where you want to remove the hair. it helps to splat hair dye.
The most common side effects are a little pain and some grains.

4- Snippet the body hair:

It’s one of the most easier methods you can ever use; one you notice that the hair is long as you can catch it all you need is to take a tong and take off the hair you don’t like.
The most common and supportable side effect is a little pain and irritation.

3- Turmeric:

Turmeric is an effective solution to get rid of the facial hair because it’s known for its multiple benefits for the skin, it’s also a good anti-bacterial. using turmeric you can stop the growth of the hair and get rid of skin problems.
All you need to do is to prepare a mask that contains turmeric and water after a few time applies the paste on the area where you want to remove the hair when it dry remove it with warm water.

2- Flour of oats:

It’s a good solution to remove the facial hair because it’s a good shell for the face. oats are full of anti-oxidants which make it not only a good hair remover but also it help you to hydrate your skin and make it full of energy.
All you need is to mix oats with honey and lemon juice until you get a paste. apply it on your skin while 15-20 minutes then do circular movements 2-5 minutes. You can use it three times per week to get the best results.

1- Lavender oil and tea tree oil:

Many studies were done by experts of beauty and the result was that lavender oil can stop the growth of the hair because it contains anti-androgen that stimulates the growth of hair. so if you apply it on your skin you can reduce the growth of hair, especially on your face.
You can take a piece of cotton full of lavender or tea tree oil and apply it on your skin during 3 minutes, repeat this method three times a day and you will be surprised by the result.

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