The health and aesthetic benefits of lemon juice


Lemon juice is distinguished by its richness in nutrients, which provide it with many medical and health properties, which you know about in the following article

Lemon juice, lemonade, is a rich source of nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, potassium and a little iron, and these elements provide it with many medical and health properties such as being anti-inflammatory and bacteriological, in addition to its aesthetic benefits.

Health benefits of lemon juice

Lemon juice contains many healthy nutrients like vitamin C and B and riboflavin that helps your body stay fit and healthy.

The delicious drink offers the best treatment for multiple diseases in addition to other benefits, which include:

1- Promote digestive health
Lemon juice contributes to regulating digestion thanks to its high content of dietary fiber, which enables it to treat indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea, and promotes bowel function, which also helps indigestion.

 It also contributes to the treatment of stomach disorders, and is considered an anti-inflammatory and microbial causing problems in the digestive system.

Therefore, in order to reduce such problems, it is necessary to set a schedule for a cup of lemon juice every morning. Additionally, you can add some honey, and thus increase some benefits.

Another great benefit that you will get after consuming a cup of lemon juice after waking up is to get rid of toxins in the body.

 Also, lemon water will increase bile production in your body and is beneficial for breaking down fats and fats in the body.

2- Weight loss
Lemon juice is characterized by containing a small amount of calories, in addition to drinking it contributes to enhancing metabolism and burning fat in the body.

Drinking lemon juice makes it easier to lose weight because the juice contains fine pectin fibers that help the body fight hunger cravings. Therefore, you will naturally lose weight when you drink fresh lemon juice.

3- Reducing inflammation
Lemon juice contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which gives you more strength when eating it. Therefore, when you eat it you will not complain about some viral infections that include influenza and cold and help alleviate its symptoms.

It also has antibacterial properties. It works to enhance the health of the respiratory system, reduces respiratory problems, works to calm asthma attacks and can treat other diseases of the urinary tract.

4- Promote heart health
Because of its high potassium content, lemon juice contributes to the health of heart patients and the regulation of blood pressure levels.

It contributes to promoting cardiovascular health thanks to its vitamin C content, which is necessary to reduce cholesterol levels and fats in the blood and prevent clots from occurring.

5- Prevention of can-cer
Lemon is very rich in multipurpose compounds that help defend your body from attacking different types of cancer, because it contains powerful antioxidants, in addition to that it contains vitamin C that gives it the ability to protect cells against free radicals and prevents them from being damaged or transformed into cancerous cells.

 Therefore, it is recommended to consume a lot of lemon juice in order to protect your body from cancerous cells.

How to make fresh lemon juice

The aesthetic benefits of lemon juice

In addition to the many health benefits mentioned above, lemon juice has aesthetic benefits, which include:

1- Skin care:
Lemon juice is considered a skin disinfectant, it cleans and sterilizes and helps in treating various skin problems such as eczema and acne.

 Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C as it helps in strengthening the collagen production process, which is important for maintaining skin cells, healthy skin and regenerating cells, and fights wrinkles and signs of aging.

The vitamin C in lemon may help reduce skin wrinkles, dry skin aging, and sun damage.

You can use a mixture of honey and lemon juice, especially when you have stretch marks and discoloration, and it will help you get rid of dyes.

2- Hair care
Lemon juice when applied to the hair and scalp or eaten increases the strength of the hair and gives it natural shine and a healthy appearance.
In addition to its ability to treat scalp problems such as dandruff.

3- It strengthens the nails
Many women like to have long, beautiful nails. Thus it is absolutely essential to have a nail massage frequently with lemon juice.
This makes your nails have a life and become brighter. For more benefits, you might consider soaking your nails in lemon water in the sink.

4- It refreshes breathing:
Have you ever rubbed lemon on your hands to get rid of the garlic or other strong smell?

The same folk remedy may apply to bad breath caused by eating foods with a strong smell, such as garlic, onions or fish.

You may avoid bad breath by drinking a cup of lemon water after meals and first thing in the morning. Lemon is believed to stimulate saliva and water also to prevent dry mouth, which may lead to bad breath caused by bacteria.

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