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Fibromyalgia, Overview, Symptoms & Causes


Sometimes when people experience fatigue, bones, and muscle pain they assume that this is a normal condition that occurs due to carrying out of the strenuous day to day activities. Therefore, they tend to bear this condition for a long and at times apply some home remedies to curb this condition when it worsens. However, performing strenuous activities may not be the genuine cause of this fatigue and pain. This is because there is a condition that is known as Fibromyalgia and this condition has symptoms that are complicated for an individual to distinguish from normal body fatigue and pain.

Fibromyalgia also abbreviated as FM is a condition that causes fatigue and sensitive pain in the joints and muscles. Therefore when you have this condition you will often experience constant pain even if you are not wounded or sick. Here are the main causes of the Fibromyalgia condition:

  • Nervousness-Most of the time people develop anxiety when facing and handling challenging situations all alone. When this anxiety becomes persistent they have a lot of stress and in the end, they develop depression. Therefore, constant nervousness causes mood disorders and brain fatigue, and finally, you may end up suffering from Fibromyalgia condition.
  • Genetics-This condition is heritable and therefore you may acquire genes from your parents that have high pain sensitivity.
  • Physical or emotional violence-In case a child is raised in a cruel environment he or she gets exposed to physical and emotional torture. Therefore, this condition will keep on developing as the child grows and this makes a child more sensitive to pain when he or she recalls the past trauma.
  • Lack of ample physical exercise- The Fibromyalgia condition most affects a physically inactive person. Physical exercises are one of the natural ways of reducing most body pain.

When there is no serious treatment taken to handle this condition you may develop other complicated and dangerous health conditions. Some of these dangers are persistent body pain, damage of the pain-sensitive system and disruption of your lifestyle since you may not be able to carry out your daily duties comfortably.

Therefore, it is essential to learn and understand the signs and symptoms of this condition so that you can be able to identify and know in advance when you are at risk of getting the Fibromyalgia conditions. Next, we will explain in detail the eight early symptoms of Fibromyalgia:

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