8 Early Symptoms of a Kidney Infection


Kidney infection or Cystitis occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract setting up an infection that causes burning and pain when passing urine.

It is also accompanied by pain in the lower abdomen and bladder and makes the person very uncomfortable with the feeling of needing to pass urine frequently. If left untreated it can become dangerous as it may track up the urinary tubes and enter the kidneys causing a condition called nephritis which is a serious and damaging kidney disorder. If left without treatment the infection gets worse and will often cause a fever. Antibiotics are the recommended treatment and are often accompanied by drinking sachets of Potassium Citrate to make the urine less acid, Lots of water is also required to clean out the system. There are people who suffer from the condition more frequently than others, and they often require further tests to determine the underlying cause. In women, it can be a problem following intercourse, which sometimes introduces bacteria into the urinary tract, and if the infection keeps occurring there is a treatment to prevent it. The urinary tract is quite a complex structure and urinary tract infections can occur both in men and women. We are born with two kidneys and they are responsible for eliminating waste from our blood, through a filtration process and the waste urea and nitrogenous waste travels down the urethras to the bladder where it is passed out of the body as urine. If we don’t keep our kidneys healthy by drinking plenty of water or by getting constant infections they will become damaged and could stop working.

Some risks for kidney disease are a family history of chronic kidney disorders, and if you are at risk you should have screening and surveillance regularly. World wide chronic kidney disease affects over 753 million people and is a burden to both the sufferer and the economy.

  • If the doctor thinks that you have kidney disease you will be sent for ultrasonography which is a type of x-ray/ ultrasound.
  • If you have any ongoing infection you must see the Doctor as a lingering kidney infection can lead to sepsis.

Therefore, it is essential to learn and understand the signs and symptoms of this condition so that you can be able to identify and know in advance when you are at risk of getting a Kidney Infection conditions. we will explain in detail the eight early symptoms of a Kidney Infection:

  • Let’s get started!

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