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8 Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis


The human nervous system consists mainly of the brain, which is the center of all the processes that we do intentionally or unintentionally, in addition to the spinal cord, which is an extension of the brain outside the skull, the connection between the brain and the spinal cord and various vital body organs through nerve messages that in turn are transmitted by nerves.

With the passage of time and the development of medicine, many diseases that affect the nerves, specifically the myelin present on the nerves, have been discovered, and one of the most common of these diseases is “multiple sclerosis”, which we will learn about in this article. multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory, demyelinating, autoimmune, and degenerative disease.

The spread of this disease in the world has become a cause for concern and caution, This is what necessitated the formation of the Multiple Sclerosis Association concerned with everything related to this disease especially as it affects especially young people (the age group between 20 and 40 years), unlike the elderly, for example, where the risk of multiple sclerosis is low.

Here are the main causes of Multiple Sclerosis:

  • environment: researchers found that individuals migrating from central Europe to South Africa before the age of 15 would have a lower risk compared to that of their country of origin; while the risk of populations migrating after the age of 15 would be close to their country of origin
  • infectious factors: certain viruses such as measles, vaccine, rubella, mumps, chickenpox can trigger encephalomyelitis which causes multiple sclerosis thereafter.
  • stress: according to studies, there is a relationship between emotional shocks and outbreaks of the disease because 75% of affected patients had a state of stress important in the year preceding the first symptoms.
  • genetic factor: researchers have found that patients have a familial predisposition to develop multiple sclerosis, so during mostly repeated infections there will be an immuno-allergic mechanism and viral infection or vaccination breaks the immune tolerance towards myelin which triggers the disease.

Now that we have learned about the nature of this disease, its causes, its danger to a person’s life and the survival of his nervous system in good health and performs all its vital tasks, precautions must be taken and early symptoms studied until the diagnosis is made and treatment is started immediately in order to stop ms development ;

Therefore, it is necessary to know well the early symptoms in order to be able to early diagnose and avoid reaching the stage in which no treatment is useful. Go to the Next Page to know the 8 Early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

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