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Coffee recipes


French coffee with milk


Half a cup of strong hot French roast coffee

Half a cup of hot milk

How to prepare

We choose a cup that is fairly large, pour the hot coffee and milk together at the same time in equal volumes
Add sugar to taste and stir
Pour the remaining milk froth with a pinch of chocolate drizzle.



To prepare espresso:

Two tablespoons of coffee

Half a cup of water

For frothy milk:

Half a cup of milk

How to prepare

Preparing espresso
Put the water in the kettle of the espresso machine.
Add two tablespoons of ground coffee
We press the coffee well
We put a filter in the espresso machine and make sure to put a cup under the machine
After preparing the espresso, we start preparing the milk
To prepare the milk froth, put the milk in a metal cup and heat it with steam.
Stir and whisk well until bubbles form
We put the espresso in a serving cup and pour the milk with foam gradually until we get the famous cappuccino.

black coffee


Two tablespoons of coffee

Pinch of salt (optional)

Two cups of water

Sugar to taste

How to prepare

We put the amount of water in a metal jug for coffee

After boiling the water well, add the coffee, taking care to reduce the heat and stirring so that the coffee does not overflow out of the jug

After the coffee boils for about half a minute, add a pinch of salt

Serve hot coffee with sugar of choice

Cold coffee


A cup of coffee

Four cups of water

How to prepare

Grind an amount of coffee beans until completely smooth
In a bowl, we soak the coffee in the water while stirring until the coffee is saturated with all the water
Leave it aside in the refrigerator for at least half a day
Drain the coffee and Nststtmha to prepare a regular black coffee
We keep the coffee in the refrigerator so that it stays fresh
At the time of serving, add ice cubes to the coffee to give that refreshing feeling
Sugar remains to taste

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