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Cystic Fibrosis Overview, Symptoms, Causes


8. Salty skin.

One of the most important and common symptoms among sufferers, caused by cystic fibrosis mutated gene is the accumulation of salt on the patient’s skin, as the salt moves from inside the body to the surface of the skin through sweat. The doctors also indicated that during hot weather, the salt accumulates four times more than usual, and they considered that these symptoms in children are a very dangerous indication of a defect in the body’s physiology that may sometimes lead to death. In addition to the lack of salt absorption by the body, studies have proven that the body produces a greater amount of salt compared to non-infected people, as many studies have been conducted on a group of infected and non-infected people, indicating that the sufferers do not drink water in a sufficient amount that allows their bodies to perform the physiological mechanism in Salt absorption and sweat secretion. This is all because of a protein-induced defect caused by a defect in genetic reproduction Specifically on the cystic fibrosis carrier.

Therefore, one of the most important measures that we take when suspected of having this disease is to drink water frequently in order to allow the body to perform all its vital functions without disturbing the physiological balance between water and salts inside and outside the cells of the body.

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