8 Most Common Symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy You Should Never Ignore


Muscular dystrophy is a very rare disease characterized by a state of muscle weakness that may reach the point that it does not allow the patient to walk or coordinate movements or even swallow. If atrophy occurs at the level of the throat muscles, this atrophy is due to a marked decrease in the protein dystrophin, which is responsible for Muscle work normally and we will learn later about the reasons for this protein deficiency in the body.

You may get this disease at any age, as studies have shown that the diagnosis is early in children, especially at the beginning of their learning to walk, and they have also proven that males are more susceptible to infection than females.

The danger of this disease lies when it affects the muscles of the heart and lungs, and the patient may immobilize him and he will have to use a wheelchair.

Causes of Muscular Dystrophy

Recessive genetic disorder: meaning if the child inherits the gene responsible for myotonic dystrophy from both of his parents, he will develop the disease, but if he inherits it from only one of them, then it becomes a vector of the disease, meaning that he does not show symptoms but passes it on to his children.

  • Chromosomal-related disorder: In some cases, the gene responsible for the emergence of this disease is carried on the X chromosome, and males are known to possess XY chromosomes, so if the defective gene is inherited from one of its parents, symptoms of the disease should appear, unlike females, where they have Two chromosomes are XX shaped. One of the defective genes is recessive and the other is covered by a healthy chromosome, which explains the higher rate of disease among males compared to females.
  • A predominant genetic disorder: In this case, the infected person only needs one gene from one of his parents, so symptoms appear on him even if one of the parents is healthy and not completely infected, and this happens in most cases.

Therefore, it is necessary to know well the early symptoms in order to be able to early diagnose and avoid reaching the stage in which no treatment is useful. Go to the Next Page to know the 8 Early signs and symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy.

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