Pickle recipes


Sweet pickle


A pound of cucumber is medium size

Two small onions

A large piece of green pepper

Four tablespoons of salt

A cup and a half of sugar

A cup and a half of white vinegar

Four teaspoons of celery seeds

How to prepare

In a deep bowl, preferably a glass one, put all the vegetables after cutting them into thin slices and add salt to them with ice cubes and leave it aside
Meanwhile, prepare another saucepan and mix each of the sugar, vinegar, and celery seeds, and put it on low heat until it boils while continuing to stir.
Pour the vinegar mixture over the vegetable mixture and stir well until all the ingredients are mixed
We put the pickle in an airtight container or jar and put it in the freezer for about a month and a half
Then we put it in the refrigerator until it melts and serves

Chard pickle 


A bunch of Swiss chard

Onion, medium size

A tablespoon of pickled spices

A teaspoon of celery seeds

A teaspoon of mustard seeds

A cup and a half of sugar

Half a cup of apple cider vinegar

A quarter cup of water

How to prepare

We clean the chard leaves and then cut them into small pieces
Put it in a deep bowl, preferably glass
Add the onion to it after slicing it into thin slices, then add the spices, celery seeds, and mustard
In another bowl, mix the sugar with water and vinegar and stir until all the sugar dissolves, then put it on low heat until the mixture boils, stirring from time to time.
Pour the mixture of sugar and vinegar over the boiling and stir until all the ingredients are homogeneous
We put the chard in an airtight jar and put it in the refrigerator
It is preferable to submit it after at least two weeks

Pickled cabbage


Two pounds of small fresh cabbage

Eight medium-sized garlic cloves

Three teaspoons of ground red pepper

A cup and a half of water

A cup and half white vinegar

Onion, medium size

Sweet red pepper

A cup of sugar

Four teaspoons of salt

A tablespoon of celery seeds

How to prepare

  In a large pot, put the water until it boils, then add the cabbage to cook until it becomes tender and tender
Put the cabbage pieces, divided in half, in one-liter jars
Add garlic and red pepper, cut into thin slices
In another deep saucepan, mix the rest of the ingredients and let them boil well with stirring gently pour the mixture after it boils over the cabbage
Make sure to remove the air bubbles from the top and then close the jar
We keep pickles for about four weeks and then serve

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