8 Early Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore


The pancreas is one of the noble organs in the human body, just like the heart and the liver, where a person cannot live without a pancreas. The pancreas plays the role of a double gland, as it consists of cells responsible for secreting enzymes in the intestine, which in turn enter the digestive process. It also contains cells that produce hormones that are secreted into the circulation and work to keep the level of sugar in the blood constant.

The pancreas is located directly behind the stomach, so if there is any cancer, pancreatic cells cannot be identified by touching the outer part of the abdomen, where the stomach covers all the pancreas, and this is perhaps one of the most reasons why doctors and health experts call pancreatic cancer a “silent cancer” because it is not It can never be diagnosed in the early stages of the disease’s development, but in most of the recorded cases, cancer has spread to the body, not just the pancreas. Even regular radiological tests and biological analyzes cannot help in early diagnosis, unlike other types of cancer such as breast cancer or Prostate cancer where early diagnosis is possible in most cases.

This is why it is very necessary to raise awareness about this topic, and this is our goal today through this article, where we will show you a set of the most important symptoms that appear on patients with pancreatic cancer that people do not pay attention to, so continue reading to be surprised

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